Md Syful Islam

Md Syful Islam
Md Syful Islam
Manager of Operations
PhD Researcher, Ankara University

Md Syful Islam is the current Manager of Operations at UniV.

Md Syful Islam is a PhD researcher at the Ankara University National Center for the Sea and Maritime Law in Turkey. Prior to that, Syful successfully accomplished a Master in Sea and Maritime Law (LLM), securing the highest possible distinction in the department. Both programs are fully funded by the prestigious Turkish Government Scholarship Scheme (Turkiye Burslari).

He graduated from the Department of Law at the International Islamic University Chittagong. He completed the Masters of Law (LLM) at Jagannath University, Dhaka. His research mainly focuses on ocean governance, the blue economy, land-based pollution control at sea, the law of the sea, offshore platforms, climate change and environmental law, human rights, fisheries management, IMO instruments, and irregular immigrants at sea.

Apart from his study and research activities, Syful works at UniV as the Operations Manager. UniV, the facilitator of the event, is a holistic educational platform with the tagline ‘competence beyond the box’. He previously worked as a legal officer at Earth Face IT Firm.

He has been involved with the Bangladesh Human Rights Commission for 2.5 years as an executive member of the Comilla city branch. Working with social and humanitarian causes was a significant opportunity. He is also a former country director at the International Youth Association.

As the Manager of Operations at UniV, he managed official activities, made policies, monitored them, and led all individual units at UniV. He also planned and ran courses on creative IT, improving language skills, international competitions, research and publication events, and getting ready for higher study. Besides, he writes persuasive content on higher education abroad and soft skill development.

In addition, having more than eight years of experience with several national and international organizations like Students Liberty of Europe, the Global Youth Summit, the Asian Youth Association, the IIUC Law Club, the Library Movement of Bangladesh, and SAYO, his expertise has grown in non-profit program and project management, social business research, content development, and entrepreneurship development. As for attending several international conferences and seminars, he traveled in Nepal, India, and throughout Turkey.

As part of his hobby, he enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures, working in different countries, keeping close contact with the locals, exchanging views for a better world for all, exploring new ideas to solve socio-global problems, and participating in social activities that benefit humanity the most.