Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun

MD Abdullah Al Mamun.jpg
Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun
Research Intern, Language Skill Development Unit
University of Chittagong

Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun has worked as a Campus ambassador of “Univ” at the University of Chittagong since March 12, 2022.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun is a student in the Department of Zoology at the University of Chittagong.

He is currently studying in BSc third year. He is a dreamer and promising youngster interested in biological-based research. In the same continuity, Mamun has proved his ability in department results. According to published results of 1st year, Mamun has secured fifth position with a 3.75 GPA.

His research interests include infectious disease, vaccinology, immune systems, marine Biology, fisheries, aquaculture, marine resources, coral reef,s, etc.

Apart from his academic & research activities, Mamun has been involved with several prominent social organizations. He is a member of BTCLF CU (Bangladesh columns writer forum) and a founding member of the interest-free entrepreneur's organization “” Seed. bd. Com””.

Also, He enjoys traveling and collecting books. He relishes offering books and magazines. He also writes columns and scientific fixtures. He works as a Mentor for local meritorious students who are far away from getting correct information. He wants to keep in close contact with researchers and entrepreneurs. He cherished the dream of a corruption-free and research-driven promising nation.