Maksudur Rahman Asif

Maksudur Rahman Asif
Maksudur Rahman Asif
F. Coordinator, Intern Management Unit
PhD Researcher, Taiyuan University of Technology

Maksudur Rahman Asif is the current coordinator of UniV Intern Management Unit. He was born and raised in Bangladesh.

Mr. Asif is currently residing in China where he is pursuing his PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering with title “”Chemical Lopping Gasification on Activated Sludges Using Bauxite as a Oxygen Career””. He finished his Master of Science in Soil Science with thesis title “” Dynamic of Soil Phosphorus Pools Under Different Land Uses of Chittagong, Bangladesh”” and Bachelor of Science in Soil Science from University of

Mr. Asif has been an active part of UniV since 2021. He joined as a UniV central committee member and later was appointed as the coordinator of Intern Management Unit where more than 60 interns are working.