Tawhidul Islam Sifat

Tawhidul Islam Sifat, Research Intern, Talent Management Unit, UniV.

Shifat successfully passed the Dakhil (SSC) examination from Baitush Sharaf Ideal Kamil (M.A.) Madrasa in 2016. He completed his intermediate studies at Chittagong’s government Haji Mohsin College in 2018. He is studying at the International Islamic University Chittagong for a bachelor’s degree in economics and banking.

Apart from studying, Shifat also involved himself in voluntary organizations. He participates in various departmental or university clubs and organizations. He is a mediocre debater. He also has minor achievements in the world of debate. He served as the debate secretary of his department’s club, the IIUC EB Club, for one year.

Shifat wants to see himself established by the end of the day. Along with his studies, he aspires to be an entrepreneur. He has a small online business where he sells travel items.

In addition, his hobbies and desires are traveling, traveling abroad, reading books, and telling people to fulfill their dreams.