Nusrat Zahan Bhuiyan

Nusrat Bhuiyan is the current Team lead of the Content management Unit.
She is a biochemist with specialized in natural products, bioinformatics and molecular biology. Currently she is perusing her BS degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Besides her curricular study Currently she is working in two research projects on natural product. She has been a member of UniV since 2020 and an active volunteer since April 2021 working with UniV’s content management Unit, language development unit, social media team and research team.
Nusrat have worked as an event manager in several events including summer school for young researcher, summer School on IT development and IELTS-Intensive care-8.

As a UniV volunteer and Team lead she believes in thinking out of the box by which she will be able to help all types of students from various background with all her knowledge and experiences.

The current motto of the content management unit is: “Thinking out of the box”

In her free time, Nusrat enjoys reading, taking care of plants, learn about new software, traveling and fusion cooking.