Mohammad Ahsan Habib

Mohammad Ahsan Habib, a young researcher, completed his graduation from Economics and Banking Department at International Islamic University Chittagong.
Currently, he is doing a Master’s in the same department.

During his bachelor, he completed his Thesis titled “Family ownership, political connection, and CSR disclosure: evidence from Bangladesh.”
He has been working with UniV as a research intern since 2021. He has presented three conference papers at the 7th International Integrative Research Conference 2021 at BARD, the 1st Jamal Nazrul Islam National Conference 2022 for Young Researchers, and the International Conference on Bangladesh at 50; Achievements, Prospects, and Challenges organized by Shahjalal University of Science and Technology.

As a former research Assistant, he has research experience with The Bangladesh Initiative for Policy & Development under the “Zakat and SDG financing” project funded by the Ministry of Planning. His primary responsibilities include literature review, questionnaire development, survey, FGD, KI interview, chapter development, data collection, data analysis, copy editing, referencing, etc.
He participated in the 1st international Poster presentation organized by Univ & Achieved Gold Award in 2021. in 2022, he participated in the International research conference organized by Univ and achieved Silver Award.

He has work experience with icddr,b as a field supervisor. He has contributed to data collection from the field through interviews, Focus Group Discussions (FGD), etc.
He was the former Assistant General Secretary and former IIUC EB CLUB research secretary.

In addition, he finds joy in traveling to new places and learning about their respective cultures, working in a variety of communities maintaining close relationships with the people, engaging in conversations about how to make the world a better place for everyone, investigating unique approaches to addressing socio-economic issues, and taking part in social activities that are most beneficial to humanity as part of this he has received Youth Hackathon Award 2022.