Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun

“Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun work as a Campus ammbassador of “” Univ”” at University of Chittagong, since 12, march 2022.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun a student from Department of zoology, University of Chittagong.

He is currently studying in Bsc third year. He is a dreamer and promising youngster interested in biological based research. In the same continuity, Mamun is proved his ability in department results. According to published results of 1st year, Mamun has secured fifth position with 3.75 GPA.

His research interest are include “” infectious disease, vaccinology, immune systems, marine Biology, fisheries, aquaculture, marine resource and coral reef etc.

Apart from his academic & research activities, mamun has been involved with several prominent social organisations. Such as He is a member of BTCLF CU(Bangladesh young columns writer forum, CU), A Founding member of Interest free entrepreneurs organisations “” Com””.

Also,He enjoys traveling and collecting book.He relishes offering book and magazines. He also write column and scientific fixture . He work as a Mentors for local meritorious students whose are far away from getting correct information. He wants to keep close contact with researcher and entrepreneurs .He cherished the dream of a corruption free and research driven promising nation.”