Dr. Md. Ahsanul Haque

Dr. Md. Ahsanul Haque
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dep. Architecture, Design & Media Tec Aalborg University

Dr. Mohammad Ahsanul Haque is a Data Scientist and Machine Learning Developer at Radio Analyzer Aalborg, Denmark. His contribution to create smart tools for radio-related big data and to analyze listener and market behaviour by observation.

Dr. Haque earned his PhD and Post-doctoral Fellow on Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the Dept. of Architecture, Design and Media Technology from Aalborg University in Denmark. His research focused on problem formulation and application development for employing computer vision, data analysis, and machine learning techniques to monitor brain-stroke patients in Hammel Neuro centre, Hammel, Denmark. Dr. Haque worked on Media Technology as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Aalborg University in Denmark.

He also taught as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Ulsan, South Korea. He researched the elds of audio-visual signal processing, evolutionary computing, machine learning, medical image processing, parallel computing, and many-core processor architecture at the Embedded Ubiquitous Computing System (EUCS) as a research assistant to Prof. Jong-Myon Kim, Head of Research, Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Haque has been working as a Lecturer at the Dept. of Computer and Communication Engineering in International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Dr. Haque is currently president of Welfare Society of Denmark as well as an Active member of Ulsan Foreigners Community Leaders Association in South Korea. Dr. Ahsanul published over four dozen peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters; His citations number is 338.