Dr. Abul Hossen

Dr. Abul Hossen
Dep. Social Work jagannath University

IDRC (International Development Research Centre, Canada) Doctoral Research Award winner Abul Hossen is a professor at Jagannath University, Bangladesh has received his BSS (1st Class 2nd position) and MSS (1st Class 1st position) from Dhaka University, Bangladesh. He earned another Masters from Carleton University, Canada, where he was the recipient of several fellowships and awards, such as the Ontario Home Economics Association fellowship the Violet Mclaghlin Award and the Shankar Yalaja Memorial Scholarship . He has received Ph.D from faculty of Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.

Professor Hossen is the Founder Director of the Centre for Social Science Research and Training (CSRT), Jagannath University. Prior to taking his current position, Dr. Hossen was a Professor at Shahjalal University, Bangladesh and he also taught as a contract academic sta at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. His dissertation title was “Bringing Medicine to the Hamlet: Exploring the experiences of older women who seek health care”. His doctoral research compares health inequality in Bangladesh and developing countries, will inform public policy debates concerning the structure of Bangladesh’s health care system, which faces both an aging population and increasing inequality.

Because of his extraordinary work in Ph.D level he has been awarded the “Excellence in Social Work Research Award”, 2009 from Wilfrid Laurier University. He is also the recipient of Vice Chancellor Award, 2012 from Shahjalal University. His articles on globalization, health care system, inequalities in health and gender and aging issues have been published in journals (has impact factors) such as Qualitative Health Research, Social Work in Public Health, Health Care for Women International, Social Work in Health Care, Women & Health. Professor Hossen is an assigned and regular reviewers of a number of reputed journals including ‘Austin Journal of Women’s Health ’, Journal of Social Work and Public Health.’ ‘Jagannath University Journal of Social Sciences’, ‘Journal of Social Freedom’.

He has numerous research presentations at various national and international scholarly public health conferences. During the course of his decade long career, Professor Hossen has visited ten countries mostly on ocial assignments delivering keynote addresses, conference presentation, chairing various conferences.

He has experiences of working with a number of donors, national and international organizations including World Bank, World Health Organization, RTM international, University Grants Commission, Social Science Research Council, International Development Research Centre (Canada), City of Waterloo (Canada) etc. Currently he is working as a fellow of Social Science Research Council.

Besides ‘Our Elderly at Home and Abroad: Dignity and Despair in a Global Era’ has been published by University Grants Commission of Bangladesh, Professor Hossen’s other important publications include ‘Gendered Vulnerabilities: Women’s Health and Access to Healthcare in Bangladesh’, `Development Issues: Bangladesh Perspective (co-authored)’, `Planning and Project Development (co-authored)’. His upcoming book: `Qualitative Research: Approaches, Tools and Techniques’.

Professor Hossen serving as chairman of the Governing Body International Education College (IEC) Dhanmondi and as Member, of Academic Council, Noakhali University of Science and Technology. He is also serving as a course adviser and work as a coordinator of the social work book publication project at National University